Hi guys...I am back with a brand new blogpost and this time I am back with one of my favourite skincare and haircare product: Yesss!! Coconut Oil Today I am reviewing Coconex Oil which is not another ordinary coconut oil. Coconex Oil is actually cold pressed virgin coconut oil. Not just that, this particular product also contains the benefits of Aloe Vera, Jojoba Oil, Vitamin e and Vitamin A!! The detailed list of ingredients is in the picture below:
 Now, I have been using this oil as part of my skincare and haircare routine for some time now, and here I am sharing my honest opinions with you guys.
Coming to the price first, the product is prices quite affordably considering the great ingredients it contains. A 60ml bottle of the product costs Rs 180.
 I have particularly loved using the product on my skin as a makeup remover and as a moisturiser in general at night. I have really dry skin and chemical makeup removers do my skin more harm than good. The best part about the product i…

A Visit to the Bondi Beach, Sydney

Hi guys...I hope you are all doing great!!!! I know I was not posting for quite some time as I was moving to another country. But now, I promise to be regular with my posts and guys, get excited for some amazing beauty, travel and food posts and I promise there will be loads of them. So last week, I visited one of the most famous beaches in Sydney- the Bondi Beach, and Oh My God!!! It was more beautiful than I had even imagined it to be. Spring is finally here in Sydney, and what better than visiting a beach on a bright sunny day. The fresh clean sand, the cool winds around the beach, the sound of the waves and the opportunity to witness the beautiful sunset.....truly made my day!!! I have always loved beaches and after visiting this particular one, I have resolved to visit many more and what better way to take you along than write blogposts about each of my visits. Sydney is famous for a lot of beaches, but if you are visiting Sydney for a short time period, Bondi Beach is a must vi…


Hi guys..I hope you are all doing great !!! I am back again with another interesting post and this time i am reviewing a face mask by Aura Vedic. Now, a clear and healthy looking skin is every person's dream. But achieving that requires a lot of effort and requires you to take extra care of your skin. But what if i tell you that the product i am reviewing today will make your life a little bit easier and will help you achieve a clear, pimple free skin with regular use!! So before i begin the actual review of the product, let me share the details of the product. The mask comes in a jar kind of packaging and costs Rs 400 for 100g of the product. It is free from parabens, paraffin and other harmful chemicals. The detailed list of ingredients is shown below: Now, the product is basically meant for use by Oily skin people and is especially useful if your skin is acne prone. Oily skin people are advised to use the product on a daily basis to get effective results. But since i have a …


Hi guys... welcome back to my blog..I am back with another interesting skincare review and this time i am reviewing a facial oil by Auravedic. Now this particular brand is one of my favourite Indian brands as they make organic products without the use of Parabens, SLS or other harmful chemicals or preservatives. The product i will be reviewing today is a  Skin Lightening Oil by Auravedic. Nowadays, facial oils are quite in trend these days and i myself am a big fan of these, since my skin is Normal to dry and facial oils provide a boost of hydration to my skin.  I have been using the product for more than 2 weeks now and i decided to pen my thoughts for you all. Before coming to the actual review, let me tell you something about the product: The oil comes in a sturdy plastic bottle which looks something like this: The detailed list of ingredients is shown below:  The 100 ml bottle retails for Rs 250.  Now this particular product is not a normal facial oil. It aims to h…


Hi guys. Welcome back to another interesting review and this time I am reviewing a Lip Moisturiser cum Lip tint by Island Kiss. Island Kiss as a brand is known for making some amazingly good quality, chemical free and 100% organic lip moisturisers. I have reviewed 2 of their other variants before on this blog, so you might want to check them out as well after reading this one. Coming to the product details first, the product comes cutely packaged inside a cardboard box which contains all the details of the product. The lip balm comes in a tube packaging which makes it very convenient to apply on the go. The detailed instructions for use are mentioned below: A unique part about these lip products which i highly admire is the presence of SPF which makes our lips sun ready as the weather outside is scorching and we definitely need to protect our skin. The whopping list of natural and amazing ingredients in the product is mentioned below: By now, it is clear that the product is 100% o…


Hi guys. I hope you are all doing great. I am back again with another interesting review and this time i am reviewing Baby wipes by a brand called Mother Sparsh. Telling you something more about the brand, Mother Sparsh is an ayurvedic brand known for making some of the best baby products for the Indian Market and all of their products are FDA approved.  The Water Wipes come in a sturdy plastic packaging with a resealable packet. A packet has 80 wipes and they retail for RS 150 which makes it very light on the pocket as well. The best part about their products is that they are free from parabens and alcohol and are 100% safe for the baby. These wipes are enriched with aloe vera and vitamin E and hence are very soothing to use even on the most sensitive of skin types. l The detailed list of ingredients is given below: Now, i personally have tried a lot of wet wipes in the past and the main problem with almost all of them is that they contain alcohol and strong scents which are many …


Hi guys, i hope you are all doing great. I am back again with another interesting review and this time i am reviewing a body wash for babies by Mother Sparsh. Now telling you something about the brand, Mother Sparsh is known for producing quality driven baby products and all of their products are ayurvedic and duly approved by FDA. Coming to the detailed review of the product, i will first tell you something about the packaging and pricing. The body wash comes in a transparent bottle with flip top cap and this packaging is highly secure which makes it very convenient to travel with. The 100 ML  bottle retails for RS 85 which makes it quite affordable as well. The product is free from parabens and silicones, so all you mothers out there are assured that this product is 100% safe for your dear child. The actual product looks light green in colour. The detailed list of ayurvedic ingredients in the product is mentioned below: I love the fact that the product contains goodness of Olive o…